Hello, I’m Donal Phipps. I love running (add me on Strava), music (esp Spotify), squash, hiking, gaming, cooking, memory sports, the outdoors and plenty more. I’m a hopeless romantic, terrible at debating and a lucky husband & Dad of 2 boys. I’m always reading and always looking to learn something new. But I often get distracted by shiny things and am definitely the hare, not the tortoise. If you stranded me on a desert island, I’d need tea-making facilities, my family and access to music.

Pictures of me - Donal Phipps

The wise people at A List Apart say that “Writing is thinking“. In writing this blog, I’m hoping to clarify and organise my thoughts and learn from the people who join me.

Unfortunately, due to a hosting disaster earlier in 2015, I lost all comments for my posts – so new comments and ideas are very welcome.

Happy reading – go jump into the blog!