Example self-service web dashboards

On this page, you’ll find links to several example analytics dashboards which I have built and which can easily be customised for bespoke analytics configurations and/or new data sources.

Dashboards were built using Shiny from RStudio, a wonderful package for building dashboards with R. I’m also indebted to Mark Edmonson for creating the googleAnalyticsR package, facilitating quick & easy API calls and authentication to Google Analytics.

Self-Service Dashboard


Visitors by referring channel

This dashboard was designed to allow business users quick & easy access to top-level metrics for a digital website. A drop-down selection box allows users to switch the metric being displayed, and tabbed navigation enables switching of the visualisation by date, device and referring traffic type.

Page Dashboard



A dashboard designed to get UX teams fast and easy access to statistics on any page in a digital website. Search for a page using standard text or a regular expression, then view and download data including visits, pageviews, bounce rate, devices used and page load times.

Users by Country



A visualisation of users to a website by country for any given time period.