Ever wished you could grab a guilt-free coffee whilst your humungous R script completes processing and be notified when it’s done? With the glorious pushoverr package by Brian D Connely, you can! Here’s the final effect we’re looking for: This post will look at a simple example of how to set up Pushover on an Android phone, install the pushoverr R package and send yourself a push notification after running a script.

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I had the pleasure of attending Measurecamp London in early March, and had an absolute blast. My Measure Slack pal Pawel Kapuscinski pointed out that I should stop being a wuss and host a session, so I scrambled some slides together on the Friday night. Here’s a copy of the slides, which look at how to use the Google Pagespeed Insights API, coupled with a couple of functions I put together, to pull speed insights at scale using R.

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